Haute Sauce


Haute Sauce Filler Gloss is a cosmetic innovation like nothing you have ever seen before!

Haute Sauce Filler Gloss delivers a noticeable fullness by sending waves of heated stimulation that makes your lips actually fuller and plumper. But the all natural, clean heated ingredients aren’t the only players in our game. Our superior lip enhancing product also employs hyaluronic acid to flush your lips full of moisture and castor oil to slick over any cracks or crevices!

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After years of development, within our labs, Son Of James Cosmetics created a lip plumper that actually works! The all natural ingredients offer a noticeable plump that will last for hours not minutes! We recommend that you dampen your lips with water and apply the product twice for more a more dramatic look. We chose a blueish pink because most people’s lips are already coral. By mixing in a sharp pink you get a very flattering hint of color with tiny bits of highly reflective, gold shimmer. The castor oil actually smooths your lips and the over all effect is very flattering. Use Haute Sauce under your favorite lipstick and then apply it on top as a lip plumping gloss. Or on days when you wish to be “au naturel” wear it alone with just mascara. We promise it will be your go to fave with any look!

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Dimensions 5 × 7 in

Single Bottle, Set of 3


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